Working Safety

Workplaces Ordinance, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, etc. – these ordinances give you as an entrepreneur both responsibility and flexibility with regard to handling occupational health and safety in your own company.

The key for determining how to proceed is a risk assessment: on the basis of this assessment and the resulting necessary measures, the corresponding standard operating procedures are developed for activities, tools and equipment, or hazardous materials.

However, this alone is not sufficient yet because work equipment must be checked on a regular basis. Test periods and test requirements must be autonomously determined by the company in accordance with the risk assessment.

We cannot relieve you of the responsibility for your company, but we can provide active support in planning and setting up a legally sound organization or a work management system. Particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises or municipal enterprises, it is not easy to evaluate the extensive legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety on their own and to monitor compliance with them.

The team of P+R includes several very experienced experts in occupational health and safety who are involved in the legal certainty programs regarding environmental issues and occupational health and safety issues of renowned international large enterprises.

This is also one of the reasons why we have many years of practical expertise in the planning, implementation, and auditing of occupational health and safety measures in a variety of different industrial and commercial enterprises, such as refineries, pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers, industrial bakeries, water utility companies, waste management companies, landfills, and construction companies.

Our services include, among other things, support in, resp. performance of:

  • First-time preparation resp. updating of risk assessments
  • Preparation/updating of standard operating instructions (machinery, hazardous materials, etc.)
  • Preparation/updating of hazardous materials registers
  • Preparation/updating of explosion protection documents
  • Training, resp. instruction of the employees with regard to occupational health and safety
  • Seminars on occupational health and safety topics
  • Internal and external audits
  • Occupational health and safety in companies (in the context of interim management)
  • Introduction of an occupational health and safety management system
  • Implementation of corporate standards (e.g. in the case of international companies)
  • Upon request, we will appoint an external occupational safety specialist

Risk Audits

It is essential for every company to know all production and safety risks and to protect itself against any kind of damage, destruction or loss as far as possible.

Risks are of multi-faceted nature – they are neither limited to the direct destruction of property assets by fire or floods nor to the damage of protective goods, e.g. the contamination of waterbodies.

Risks are also events that result in business interruptions and hence can indirectly or directly cause substantial damages and interruptions of the value-added chain. This encompasses accidient risks due to insufficient occupational safety as well as production dependencies. The failure of special machines and supply problems by “sole source suppliers” can cause the standstill of the company and can furthermore influence the delivery reliability and may entail regress payments.

A “risk audit” includes a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of site risks.

  • A review of the implementation of essential legal demands in the fields of environmental  protection and occupational safety provides important information about the legal security of the site.
  • An analysis of structural and technical fire protection of the site.
  • A assessment of business interruption risks.
  • Analyses of interactions between different risk scenarios.

As a result of the audit we analyse your risks carefully and show you options how to manage these risks optimally.

Our qualifications:

Our multilingual experts are experienced consultants and auditors in the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety, operational safety and fire protection. They are qualified auditors for management systems according to ISO 14.001 and OSHAS 18.001 or are qualified fire safety engineers. Our specialists are part of permanent auditing team working for international companies. Our auditors completed numerous audits in Germany and Austria as members of a team or under sole responsibility. We conduct a total risk assessment for industrial sites, also in cooperation with insurance experts.

Our services:

  • We conduct risk audits on your site and compile a concept to minimize the site risks.
  • We offer competent advice on all question of legal security in the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety, operational safety and fire protection.
  • We prepare business interruption analyses and develop emergency plans with you.
  • We support you with the planning and performance of emergency exercises.
  • On request we arrange a verification of your insurance status by independent insurance experts.
  • If there are any uncertainties regarding the product liability or product safety legislation or the contract and competition law, we can bring you in contact with an expert team of lawyers.

Of course, you can choose single services from this package and we support you in compliance with your requirements.

Health & Safety Coordination

Employees in the building and construction industry are exposed to way more substantial health and accident hazards than employees in other professional fields. Therefore, a special regulation on safety and health protection on construction sites,  based on the occupational safety lawswas passed by the German legislature (BaustellV). This regulation defines the obligations of constructors, employers and other persons working on a construction site.

Depending on the project type, number of companies involved and work volume it is essential to already iniate actions for the safety and health protection in the planning phase.

The specially trained staff of Peschla + Rochmes GmbH can advice you on all aspects of health and safety requirements needed for redelevopment and deconstruction measures as well as for earth works. As independent health and safety coordinators we manage all tasks required by law during the planning and execution phase.

In the planning phase:

  • Consultation during tender process
  • Coordination with authorities

In the execution phase:

  • Development of construction site regulations
  • Preparation of a safety and health protection plan (SIGE-Plan)
  • Realization of safety and coordination meetings
  • Monitor compliance with regulations on site
  • Advisory services for constructors, employers and employees