An inspection conducted by TÜV Rheinland on about 100 randomly chosen photovoltaic systems showed, that a third of all investigated systems had serious errors, which should be eliminated immediately. It is not only about products of bad quality. Primarily, errors have been detected at the installation, which at a permanent load, will gradually get more and more noticeable and lead to yield and safety risks. Reports about fire damages, moisture damages due to damaged roofing after the installation of photovoltaic systems or sudden yield losses unsettle owners and investors.

If damage has occurred, there will often be the burden of a legal dispute on top of an economic loss. Even if the photovoltaic system was insured, compensation claims can expire for example if the installation of the photovoltaic system did not comply with technical norms or the system has not been maintained sufficiently. We responded to the increasing demand of photovoltaic system operators and insurances on high-quality reports.

Our employee Frank Steitz is an expert for photovoltaic Systems and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

As a master electrician he has been working on planning, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic systems on rooftops, open spaces as well as carports in the power output range of a few kWp to mWp-systems for more than 18 years. As an official expert for photovoltaic systems, he creates independent and objective reports for different demands and aims.

Preventively: Protection of the investment and of a safe and economic business through:

  • Inspection of installation conforming to standards, if necessary open warranty claims,
  • Inspection of compliance to maintenance requirements,
  • Examination of a possible system optimization,
  • Valuation (e. g. prior to sale) for already occurred damages, if necessary completed by
  • Damage documentation,
  • Evaluation of the damage,
  • Examination of the causes of damages (at photovoltaic systems or rooftop, for example moisture damages, fire damages).

The proper and standard-conforming elimination of defects/damages can also be examined and documented by an expert.

Depending on the customer (investor, home-/property owners, planners, constructors, maintenance companies, insurances, court) and occasion, we offer:

  • Private reports,
  • Insurance reports,
  • Arbitrator’s reports,
  • Court reports.

Do you have any questions? We are pleased to help you. We adapt our proposal to your specific requirements. In some cases, the costs for a report can be deducted by a legal protection insurance. Please contact your legal protection insurance or your lawyer to see if if this is an option for you.