Half-time for the BMBF project

The project “zero emission communities” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research funded has reached its (temporal) vertex. Designed for five years, we are leading the sub-project “Energy” in its third year now. The other sub-projects includes, among other, waste (supervised by Izes in Saarbrücken) or water (supervised by the office AREAL). The two communities of municipalities Rockenhausen and Sprendlingen-Gensingen are considered in this project.

After completion of the task 1 involving the collection of all energy inventory data as part of an actual state analysis, useful methodologies for the creation of GIS-based tools were developed for potential evaluation in the task 2. A new type of energy demand cadastre has been developed based on the basis of a solar cadaster, which represents one of our basic services. Both thermal and electrical variations can be showed for each considered period. A process map is currently being designed as task 3, using these analyzes. This process map is intended as a tool for a structured development of the following next-practices projects.

Interdisciplinary synergies between the different, if possible all, sub-projects should be used beside the consideration of the wishes and needs of both communities of municipalities.