Environmental Management

In order to be prepared for the future business people need mid- and long-therm perspectives. Undeniably, the energy and resource efficiency is becoming more and more important. The reduced consumption of resources and less environmental pollution enhances the long-term prospect of companies as well as life quality of future generations.

However, in many cases the knowledge of possible savings and existing flaws is insufficient.

One way to approach this problem is the implementation of a environmental management system according to ISO 14.001 – a well-founded decision:

  • The weak point analysis provides the oportunity to optimize the mass and energy flux and to better implement environmental protection measures tailored to the project. As a result, the ressource and energy efficiency is increased which subsequentiallyreduces the costs for purchasing, production, energy consumption or waste disposal.
  • Functioning environmental management systems stand for active and self-determined action in contrast to merely reacting on external demands. Companies can implement the measures with the best benefit-cost ratio.
  • Enhanced legal certainty due to the sytsematic realization of the relevant legal regulations and the set-up of a interal organization with clear competences  and responsibilities. An optimized emergency plan reduces the likelihood of compensation payments in regard to the environmental liability.
  • Improved groundbreaking products by considering environmental requirements already in the development process. Thus, the potential for opening new markets can be enhanced.
  • A functioning environmental management system reduces the risk of operational disturbances and accidents and the resulting legal and financial consequences.
  • An increasing number of customers, e.g. public institutions, large companies and whole inustrial branches (automobile industries) demand the implementation and continuation of environmental management systems from the suppliers.
  • An environmental management system is a form of risk management that banks take into account when assessing the creditworthiness of their customers or insurances make allowances for in their policies.
  • Various test show that environmental management increases the motivation of employees as people are proud to work for a company that cares about the environment and benefit directly from the improved working situation, e.g. due to the reduced utilization of hazardous substances.
  • The environmental image can be improved by advertising with the ISO 14.001 logo.
  • Better relations to neighbours, authorities and the public due to more readily available current data, verifiable and credible activities and an improved image.

We support you with the implementation of an environmental management system based on ISO14.001and assist you during the certification process.

Our multilingual experts are experienced consultants and auditors in the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety, operational safety and fire protection. They are qualified auditors for management systems according to ISO 14.001 and OSHAS 18.001 or are qualified fire safety engineers. Our specialists are part of a permanent auditing team working for international companies. Our auditors completed numerous audits in Germany and Austria as members of a team or under sole responsibility. We conduct a total risk assessment for industrial sites, also in cooperation with insurance experts.


It happens often that standard functions of normal software products are pushed to their limits during the project handling process. The Peschla + Rochmes GmbH offers you the opportunity to use custom-made software solutions that ensure an effective management of your projects. We develop database modules with differentiated analysis and output functions, ArcView extensions and data interfaces for the transfer of data.

Our geopgraphic information system UMIS with integrated project and environmental databases makes the most of your data.

  • UMIS is a proven and tested system with sophisticated analysis tools: Modular  technique guarantees an individual setup matched to your specific requirements.
  • All data can be visualized in 3D – fast and decentralized.
  • Databases and geographical information systems are linked with each other in a user-friendly way.
  • Different planning documents, images and numerical data can be integratively processed.
  • The graphic user-interface is self-explanatory. Training courses are reduced to a minimum.

The advatages of UMIS ensure your success:

  • You can identify temporal and local connections of complex data more readily.
  • You can access all data at any time on any place.
  • Your teams will increase their efficiency.
  • A sound basis will help you to make decisions on required measures and investments more quickly.

Our services:

  • Projekt management information: Projects, measures, company info, personal info, history, chronology, expertises, documents, folders, plans, images, tasks, daily and meeting reports
  • Infrastructure: Buildings, cables, shafts, tanks, areas, tips etc.
  • Environmental data: Drillings, layer specifications, measuring wells (incl. extension and usage), measuring points, water and oil levels, sample management, data interpretation according to limit value lists
  • Geographical information: Aireal images, site plans, geological and topographic map

Mobile Data Information System

The simple and efficient data management reports, monitoring stations, sampling protocols and chemical analyzes, etc. is made for companies who want or must to edit and record environmental data.

Peschla + Rochmes collect your data in databases and GIS systems and transfers to a bootable CD or on mobile devices (tablets). All data can be accessed flexibly.

Your project work is simplified, either in the field or in meetings.

Your advantage in mobile devices:

  • GPS tracking / display of their own position
  • Use of GIS data / databases
  • Georeferenced image data maintenance
  • Direct detection of data in the area
  •  Access to all additional information
  • Visualization of results
  • Export as PDF or Excel
  • Direct send via built-in wireless module

Your advantage with a bootable CD:

  • Fast and easy data access
  • Optimized evaluation
  • Flexible use (no software installation)
  • All-round access
  • Central archive

Our experienced programmers, engineers and geologists fit the database and GIS to the needs of your company and thus optimize the workflow. Existing data will be tested professionally, unified and visualized.

Our services:

We take care of:

  • Examination of the data
  • Assistance with data collection
  • Specially modified database solutions
  • Integration into the company management system
  • Training (on-site)
  • Professional support and development of the database and GIS

Our system offers:

  • Time and cost savings through quick access
  • A specific to your company and its Needs tailored solution
  • Alarm function for limit violations
  • Better and easier data search
  • Increased security due to electronic backup
  • Immediate availability of reports and documents