Geotechnical Engineering

The detailed planning of the building foundation is based on the results of the subsoil investigation. The dimensioning of the foundation structure (e.g. isolated or stripe footings, bending resistant ground slabs or drilled piles) along with the professional execution are the two main elements to guarantee a sound support and a satisfying overall performance of the whole construction. Our engineers and geologists are looking forward to assist you during the planning and execution phase of your construction project. 

Our services:

  • Advice on planning, dimensioning and tendering of foundations in general, building foundations, earth works
  • Compilation of quality control plans
  • Final inspection of the foundation level for surface foundations
  • Geotechnical support for deep foundations
  • Assessment of batters, inspections for stability
  • External control (compaction control, asphalt control)

With our expert knowledge we assist you as independent advisor and therefore guarantee an ideal technical and economical realization of your construction project. This provides you with the opportunity to make quick decisions based on objective and intelligable expert information and hence is a major advantage for making your project a success.

Soil Investigation

Geotechnical and geological engineering services are one of our main fields of experience since more than 25 years. Until now we have successfully completed more than 2.000 projects. Next to the effective collaboration with many regional clients the Peschla + Rochmes GmbH is also acting Germany-wide in this sector.

Soil investigation reports

Privately owned home, skyscraper or stadion – a sound foundation is crucial for every construction project, irrespective of the size of the planned structure. Our experienced team consisting of geologists and engineers is looking forward to advise you on all matters related with building site investigation and building foundations. We are also offering our advice on complex foundation situations, develop efficient solutions and support your building project.

Our services:

  • Preparation of a foundation expertise for buildings, industrial sites and civil engineering structures
  • Subsoil investigations and investigations of the infiltration properties in development areas for infrastructure development like road construction, waste disposal and supply lines
  • Route investigation for streets, rails and pipelines

The exploration of building sites is realized by trial pits, exploratory drillings or industrial core drillings. Required soil parameters can be determined by using soil-mechanical lab experiments. We are working closely together with qualified regional partners in order to complete these tasks effectively.

Next to the assessment of the bearing capacity of the subsoil environmental aspects are becoming more and more important as a result of current legal requirements. Our experts can also help you with these concerns, e.g. by assessing existing properties or managing the excavation disposal.

Geotechnical calculations

Static soil assessments are always required when planing civil engineering structures, securing construction pits or construction building foundations. These assessments form also the basis for designing and sizing the new building structures.

Our services:

  • Analysis of settlement and static soil calculations for foundations
  • Static soil calculations for civil engineering structurs (embankments, banks, flood protection installations)
  • Soil static calculations for securing construction pits
  • Development and sizing of customized solutions (gabions, reinforced earth)

Expert Evidence

Building measures always constitue a potential hazard to adjacent buildings. Hence, a thorough documentation of the surrounding buildings is strongly recommended. We perform evidence procurement services before and after the conduct of building measures. Based on this data we are able to issue an expert assessment of potential damages.

We recommend to conduct an expert evidence procedure for the following situations:

  • Modernization of roads with surrounding property
  • Laying or modernization of infrasructure utilities (e.g. water /gas supply) close to buildings
  • Development of building foundations
  • Construction activities that may cause vibrations
  • Movements in the bedrock
  • Lowering of the groundwater table

Our specially trained staff members examine the condition of the adjacent buildings with video and photo cameras. For the outside section a separate assessment is conducted for each building. The interior is documented with pictures together with comprehensive comments. Already existing damages on buildings are systematically documented. After appropriately editing the collected data, it is digitally placed to our clients disposal. Special software or hardware is not required to use the data.

If claims are asserted the data sets will be analyzed in detail. A further on site assessment will be carried out when needed. By comparing the data before and after the building activities it is possible to make an univocal judgement if the damages have been caused by construction activities or if other processes are responsible.