Fire Safety Engineer

Year for year fires are causing a substantial damage of several million dollars only in Germany. Whereas buildings and facilities can be restored after a fire and destroyed resources can be replaced, the loss of life of human beings and the negative impact on people’s health outweights to material damage by far.

Besides, even small fires have often substantial environmental impacts. Hence, the preventive fire protection is gaining in importance, also within the context of production downtimes or the loss of market share.

Every company owner is responsible for the fire protection of his/her property. The owner is also responsible for maintaing all physical structures in order to prevent fires. This is necessary for the protection of employees, real assets and to maintain the full insurance coverage.

Owing to the various and complex duties and responsibilties of fire protection it is advisable for a company to nominate a fire safety engineer.

The fire saftey engineer is responsible to the company owner and hence directly reports to the owner. A fire safety engineer can also be nominated for more than one location at the time. Therefore, it is possible, and often wise, that this person is appointed for various factories or branches.

The fire saftey engineer does not need to be a staff member!

The advantages of having an external fire safety engineer are obvious, especially for small and medium-sized companies. No internal ressources will be tied-up, there are no additional labor costs and expenses for trainings, special literature or teaching material.

Our qualifications:

Our specialists for fire protection have the best qualifications for being a fire safety engineers (according to VdS). They also fullfill all obligations according to the guideline of the Association for the German Fire Protection Support e.V. (vfdb). Furthermore, they are widely experienced as fire protection and operational safety advisors and auditors.

Our services:

  • We provide a fire safety engineer for your company.
  • We conduct a fire protection inspection and implement optimization measures.
  • We take over the annual fire protection instruction (fire protection ordinance, emergency and rescue plan as well as existing fire extinguishers) for your employees.
  • We train fire safety assistants in your company.
  • We supervise fire protection and evacuation tests.
  • We keep track of inspection dates for fire protection equipment according to the inspection deadlines of the occupational safety directive and the technical inspection directive.
  • We develop the fire safety ordinance according to E DIN 14096.
  • We are in contact with the responsible fire department.
  • We advice you in all matters related to fire protection for your location.

Of course, you can choose single services from this package and we support you in compliance with your requirements.