Working for P+R

As a medium-sized enterprise we think ahead. We are not only striving to establish long-term relationships with our customers, but also to bulid lasting employee relationships.

Hence, we establish a basis for a pleasant working environment. Reliable values are important to us: trust, openness and fairness.

Employees, who participate actively and bring in their knowledge and ideas, help shape P+R and their workplace and establish a long-term perspective. We want to permanently offer an exciting and fulfilling working field to energetic and enthusiastic people. Flexible working hours and responding to private needs are a given for us.

Our employees want to develop in a professional as well as a personal way, they want to take responsibility, actively participate and help shape – in projects, organization or the further development of our services – regardless of field of work or function. In the course of this we count on our employees’ individual responsibility. They get enough freedom to make their own decisions; at the same time, however, they can always rely on the experience and professional skills of their colleagues and company management. Here, a culture of positive and constructive criticism is important to us. In regular meetings with the supervisor, mutual expectations are exchanged and goals formulated. With this lively exchange we always stay focused on our shared goals.

We maintain and continually expand our expertise. In our field of activity, legal prerequisites change rapidly, new technologies arise and customer demands as well as customer requirements change. Through regular and qualified training measures, our specialists stay up-to-date and also have the opportunity to deepen their own interests and main topics. Further training and development also maintain the P+R’s competitiveness.

Our special concern is to shape the transition of generations and the transfer of knowledge. We are actively working on bringing young and old, experience and fresh knowledge together. With that we want to preserve the competences and contacts of the more experienced employees for P+R and at the same time give young employees the opportunity to develop with a mentor at their side. For this purpose we have established expert teams, which meet on a regular basis for exchange.

In everyday interactions with colleagues and supervisors, human relationships plays a very important role. At P+R we therefore collectively create a pleasant work climate. Joint events and activities encourage a feeling of togetherness that goes beyond the scope of the office. Openness, loyalty and helpfulness are values that are embodied and promoted by company management. Our experiences show: only in collaboration it is possible to continually develop and realize projects to our customers’ benefit.

You can find our corporate mission statement (in German) here.

People at P+R


We think ahead reflects is also reflected in the employees of P + R. The employees come from many different disciplines. The spectrum ranges from engineering, geologists and environmental engineers to master electrician and IT professionals. The qualification of employees and permanent education and training are based on the outstanding and comprehensive consulting and planning services.

The employees feel comfortable. This also shows the good working atmosphere and the seniority.