Our History

On January, 19, 1985 the two geologists Horst Peschla and Michael Rochmes founded the „Geotechnische Büro Peschla + Rochmes“ (Geotechnical Office Peschla + Rochmes) in Kaiserslautern. The company collaborated successfully with industry, municipalities, US Armed Forces as well as investors and private clients and therefore grew quickly. In the course of the German reunification the first branch in Oberlungwitz (Saxony) was founded in 1991. 10 years later the branch moved to Chemnitz (Office Saxony) where it can still be found today.

As the result of growing employee numbers the main office had also to be relocated to a bigger building. The just developed industrial area Nordost (Northeast) offered ideal conditions for constructing a new office building. Thus, in September 1992 the Hertelsbrunnenring 7 was completed and taken into service.

In the course of converting the company from a civil law to a limited liability company the “Geotechnical Office Peschla + Rochmes” became todays “Peschla + Rochmes GmbH” (P+R).

The constant development of the enterprise in regard to offered services ensured the continued existence even in difficult economic times and provided the baseline for opening several branches. In addition to our headquarter in Kaiserslautern, we also provide our services close to the customer through our offices in Chemnitz and Homburg (Saar-Pfalz office).

In 2014 the „Process for the Future“ was initiated by Horst Peschla and Michael Rochmes. “We think ahead”…this also applies to the company succession.In the meantime Tina Steuerwald has become a Managing Partner, and Michael Drees and Christoph Rochmes became authorized signatories in the company management.. Even after their retirement from the company in 2023, the company’s founders Horst Peschla and Michael Rochmes will remain with P+R as consultants and knowledge carriers.

Today, more than 35 years after the foundation, our company has more than 30 employees and offers outstanding consulting and planning services in the sectors civil engineering, waste, environment energy, information management as well as environmental and management consulting. We work on a national and international basis. Our customers comprise municipalities, producing industries, international industrial enterprises and the US Armed Forces.