Environmental Due Diligence

The environmental due diligence forms the basis for successful business decicisions. It provides information needed in order to assess investment risks in the environmental sector prior to the expenditure.

Environmental due diligence consists of numerous work phases:

  • Site inspection
  • Data evaluation in regard to site history
  • Data evaluation in regard to site geology /hydrogeology
  • Data evaluation of previous investigation and restoration projects
  • Assessment of potential and actual environmental risks based on the available techniques on site, raw materials and additives, waste management techniques etc.
  • Data evaluation in regard to the local, regional and national environmental legislation (current and in the making)
  • Data evaluation in regard to authorization status (equipment, processes, disposal, environmental management)
  • Identification of emitter and suspected contamination zones on site
  • Operational and occupational saftety analysis (optional)

Normally, the data basis of “Phase I” of the due diligence report is sufficient in order to make the rightinvestment decision. In cases where the suspected contamination zones pose a potential risk due to missing data, the technical investigation “Phase II” will follow the initial assessment.

Our team of due diligence experts has a wide eperience in assessing environmental aspects in different industrial sites. We have access to a unique network of experts throughout Europe and the Middle East that can be used for processing broad, usually multilingual due diligence projects. The project management and expert report preparation in English or French is a matter of course for us.