P + R Corporate Values

The main concern of our engineering company is to satisfy our customers. The quality of the construction projects that you are realizing jointly with us must completely fulfill your expectations and offer a long-term added value.

Therefore our aim is to achieve that you do not only see us as a service provider, but as your partner: Problems can only be addressed openly and challenges mastered jointly if all stakeholders work together on an equal footing.

Treating others with respect and commitment is the basis for collaborating over the course of years or even decades. You as a customer will also benefit from this: The longer we support you and your company, the easier it gets for us to take your specific situation into account, to recognize what you need in advance, and to offer customized solutions.


You can find our corporate mission statement (in German) here.

Loyalty, commitment, and fairness are important for us, but not only in dealing with our customers. Internally, we also maintain such an atmosphere in our company. We want our employees to feel a long-term connection with our company and to evolve with us – this is true for our engineers, our environmental and natural scientists and IT specialists, as well for those who ensure that everything runs smoothly in administration, human resources, and sales.

In addition to regular professional continuing education measures, P+R also invests in quality assurance and occupational safety as well as preventive health care for its employees. Corresponding services offered to our customers are implemented internally as well. The same is true for environmental protection and sustainability: A resource-saving work organization is a necessity for companies today, and we actively promote its realization.