Brownfield Development

The commercialisation of abondoned land that was used for industrial, commercial or military purposes is often difficult due to expected contaminations. As a result such sites are often unused for years or even decades and new developments are realized on valuable, untouched land.

However, it is often possible to combine ecological and economical aspects when reusing brownfields in the course of land recycling.

In order to guarantee a reliable planning strategy for the commercialisation of brownfields, the first step is always the exploration of the site and the ensuing risk assessment.

The requirements of the soil protection law (federal soil protection law) have to be taken into account as well as the specifications of the building and planning law.

Our services in detail:

  • Historical investigations
  • Exploratory investigations, detail investigations  according to the Federal Soil Protection Law (BBodSchG) and Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Waste Ordinance (BBodSchV)
  • Examination of the building stock in regard to build-in and use-related contaminants
  • Geological and hydrogeological site investigations
  • Risk assessment according to § 9 BBodSchG
  • Site assessment and feasibility studies