Reusing former commercial, industrial, or military sites is a complex task. In order for your project to be successful, the construction aspects are not the only thing that must be considered: Professional planning of the demolition and careful implementation are also crucial. Starting with the environmental and legal constraints, a good understanding of the building structures is necessary in order to ensure the best possible technical and economic execution of the project. We have been successfully managing demolition and conversion projects for our customers for more than 30 years.

In order to ensure planning reliability, a detailed site exploration is an important basis for further planning of the decommissioning. Our project teams consist of experts from various disciplines; so in addition to construction-related aspects, environmental aspects can be investigated concurrently. From the perspective of building laws and soil protection laws, the development of demolition plans is absolutely mandatory. Based on this, the project is then considered from an economic perspective. The decisions regarding the final planning can be made once this basis has been established.

Project coordination, implementation, and construction supervision on site are conducted by our employees, who have many years of experience in this area. We offer planning and controlling focusing on two specific areas: on the technical implementation of the demolition work within the framework of the occupational safety plan ASI, and on occupational health and safety, where our employees take over the function of the Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator (SiGeKO).

Our offer comprises all work stages according to HOAI (the German fee standard for architects and engineers). Thanks to the interdisciplinary composition of our teams, we can additionally offer environmental and geotechnical construction management. We can also organize the implementation of the electronic waste disposal documentation procedure (eANV).

The objective of our work, in all cases, is to manage the decommissioning project for our customer effectively and smoothly and to prepare the site for future redevelopment successfully and on time.

Our services in detail:

  • Taking stock of buildings, facilities, and sealed surfaces
  • Variant studies, cost estimates, cost-benefit assessments
  • Development of demolition concepts
  • Demolition planning
  • Call for tenders and assistance in awarding service contracts
  • On-site construction supervision, construction management, occupational health and safety coordination
  • Documentation

Waste-Disposal Managment

Building rubble and contaminated soil account for the largest proportion of the waste that has to be disposed of from a construction site and is therefore an important cost factor.

We support our customers by providing them with a comprehensive waste disposal management for all waste products and contaminants arising from construction, restoration and decomissioning projects. The waste disposal management comprises the classification according to legal standards, the preparation of disposal concepts and the identification of the most economical disposal methods.

On behalf of our customers we deal with disposal companies and responsible authorities (e.g. for licenses or applications) but also compile all documents needed for the disposal. Our company is registered for performing the verification process for hazardous waste using the electronic record procedure (eANV) by the responsible authority in Rhineland-Palatinate. The accurate disposal and waste flows are documented with disposal certificates.