Legal Conformity of Site and Facilities

Landau, Rhineland-Palatinate

HEAT OF THE DEEP –  The geothermal power plant in Landau has a capacity of 3 Megawatt. It was built by GEOX on the premises of a former French barrack and was brought on line on November 21, 2007. The steam is driving the turbine that produces energy over a generator.  The steam cooled down of a large air cooler and fluidized and goes back to the devolatilizer. The residual heat (5 megawatt) should be used for district heating purposes in the future. The production bore and the reinjection well are located over ground only a few meters away. However, through an inclined hole, the distance of the production point in the west and the re-supply point in the east would be 1462 meters.


  • Presentation of duties (examinations/maintenances)
  • Availability of all relevant documents
  • Mapping of the power plant and its components
  • Allocation / Availability of contact person
  • Preparation of inspection routines
  • Management of incidents
  • Initiation of remedial measures
  • Person-specific access rights

Project Description

Peschla + Rochmes has been commissioned together with the SGS TÜV GmbH to perform the power-plant-documentation.The aim is to set up the constructed facilities in course of multinational cooperation in a database in such terms that a smooth operation can be guaranteed. The existing information and documents were developed by Peschla + Rochmes database STARK integrated, linked and displayed.

This allowed the operator a tool to be given in order to perform all future obligations and tasks ahead as planned and cost effective.