PRE Park (former Holtzendorff barracks)

Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate

Conversion of a military property into a residential and industrial park – Since 1997 comprehensive regulatory measures, development measures and measures in the area of remediating contaminated sites have been implemented on the premises of the former French military property. These measures have been almost completed by now. Today, numerous industrial, recreational and especially technological facilities can be found on this site providing more than 3000 new jobs. The adjacent redesigned residential area has also been completed.


Implemented Measures

  • Tendering procedure
  • Demolition planning, construction site management (demolition, building construction and underground construction)
  • Remediation investigations, remediation planning, supervision of remediation work
  • Disposal coordination
  • Soil investigation in the scope of redevelopments as well as new constructions
  • Data management / project management Geoinformation Systems
  • Explosive ordnance clearance


  • Area: 68 ha
  • 22 contaminated sites and approx. 100 presumably contaminated sites
  • Demolition of 300,000 m3 enclosed space