Remediation of a halogenated hydrocarbons contamination

Building yard, Baden-Württemberg

On an urban building yard the subsoil was contaminated with volatile halogenated hydrocarbons. In several investigation steps two main contamination areas with polluted soil and soil air could be identified and further defined. Subsequently, a risk assessment was carried out and plans for the hydraulic remediation were prepared. Based on a study of variants for eliminating soil and soil air pollutions the appropriate measures were chosen. In 2009, substantial soil and soil air remediation measures were launched under supervision of the Peschla + Rochmes GmbH. Almost simultaneously, the reconstruction of the site started in summer 2009 (shopping centers, fire department). Since 1991, the Peschla + Rochmes GmbH is commissioned with the implementation of all investigation steps and remediation measures as well as with the technical supervision of all measures.


Implemented Measures

  • Historical investigation
  • Clarification of the geological and hydrogeological structure and the dispersal of pollutants with 53 structural test holes (4-6 m; partly converted into soil gas meter), 12 groundwater wells (15-17 m) and one deep observation well (40 m deep)
    for exploring the 2nd aquifer
  • Defining the dispersal of pollutants in soil, soil air and groundwater, partly by using passive sampling methods
  • Pumping tests and real-time snapshots
  • design of hydraulic site protection measures and
    groundwater remediation
  • Supervision of groundwater protection measures
  • Study of variants for cleaning soil and soil air contaminations
  • Remediation plan according to soil protection legislation
  • Tendering of remediation measures
  • Preparation of a work and safety plan according to BGR 128
  • Supervision of soil remediation measures under an enclosure
  • Removal of impervious surfaces at the main area of damage and soil excavation
  • Direct loading of the excavation on articulated lorries within the enclosure
  • All measures were realized wearing body and respiratory protection in the area of the main damage
  • Use of an excavator with protective ventilation
  • Preparation for soil remediation
  • Tent enclosure of the main damage
  • Black/ White facility