The liability of operators and entrepreneurs in regard to environmental protection as well as industrial and operational safety is becoming more and more important. Laws and regulations are in a process of constant development which makes it hard to keep track of the current status and requires an enormous effort to stay up-to-date. Our multilingual team of auditors and our environmental and management consulting experts offer you professional support to guide you through this maze.

Within the scope of company and property sales or land transfers we conduct the environmental risk and restoration cost assessment throughout Europe Environmental Due Diligence. The utilization of physical and virtual data rooms for  projects is part of our daily routine as well as the compilation of reports in English and in line with international standards (e.g. ASTM and AAI).

Legal security and EHS audits conducted by our experienced and internationally certified auditors play an essential role in minimizing internal risks. Our experts generate fire prevention concepts for your site and reassess the compliance with statutory regulations and insurance conditions. If necessary we also provide you with an externalfire safety engineer. We advice or audit your company in regard to pecuniary loss due to to fire, theft, business interruption or natural hazard events (risk audits).

Furthermore, we have a wide experience in managing industrial approval procedures as well as in implementing quality and environmental management systems ( ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and will guide you through the whole certification process.

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Eckart Hinz

Dipl. -Geol.

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