The conservation of material and energy resources is not only a contribution to the environmental protection but is also an important economic factor and hence, a competitive edge.

We are looking specifically for saving potential in your company or on your site. A well-negotiated purchase price for energy is not the only way to reduce costs: Renewable Energy Law bonuses, implementation of PIUS (product integrated environmental protection), energy savings have a significant potential.

Different locations require different approaches. Beginning with site inspections, micro- and macroanalysis and ending with the preparation of individual optimization measures under special consideration of economical factors, we develop solutions tailored to your demands.

We are your partner for planning, approval procedures, financing and the use of renewable energies, e.g. for the project development and installation of solar and geothermal plants.

We have also a wide experience in certifying municipalities as “solar locations”, in providing advice on Zero-Emission-Projects and in identifying appropriate funding schemes or additional sources of capital (own contribution or investors).



Gabriele Brüggehofe


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