Development of a former mobilisation base

Kirchseeon, Bavaria

The aim of the measure was the organized demolition of all under- and overground buildings (4 halls and one apartment building with approx. 24,500 m3 of enclosed space) as well as the demolition of all underground supply lines (waste water and water pipes, gas and power lines and drainage shafts), all underground tanks (2 heating oil tanks and 2 fuel tanks), the surface sealing (approx. 4,400m2 of blacktop) and the proper disposal of the demolitionmaterials which are partly contaminated  and the adjustment of  the areas for sale as building land.

Implemented Measures

  • Development of the demolition concept
  • Preparation of building specifications
  • Call for tenders and awarding of demolition services
  • Construction site management of demolition
  • Monitoring the proper disposal of all demolition materials
  • Documentation of the disposal and use

Specific Features

  • Measures for the conservation of trees worthy of protection in the vicinity of the demolition objects
  • Remediation of loosely-bound asbestos in the course of decontamination
  • Demolition of a previously unknown company gas station including underground storage tanks