Renewal of an airport runway

Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate

SAFE LANDING  – Since 2004 the runway of the airport Speyer is subjected to extensive reconstruction measures. Since 2006 an additional extension of the runways is in the planning stage. In the course of these measure several main and district roads need to be relocated.


Implemented Measures

  • Inventory recording runways
  • Subsurface investigations for the runway extension
  • Subsurface investigations for the relocation of the Joachim-Becker-Road
  • Hydrogeological investigations
  • Quantitive assessments of the asphalt areas in regard to asbestos
  • Suitability test for soil conditioning
  • Quality assurance plans earthworks and superstructures

Specific Features

Inventory investigation runways
The boring cut shown above is representative for the subsurface conditions beneath the existing runway. A hydraulic bound base course is followed by a three-layered bituminous bound top course (base, binder and top layer).

Using the boring cuts the thickness of each layer can be determined accurately.