Return of the Rhine Main Air Base

Frankfurt, Hessen

In the course of returning the US Air Force Base Rhine Main, investigations are taking place on suspected contaminated sites. Remediation measures are implemented if necessary. The task of Peschla + Rochmes GmbH is to advise the headquarter of the US Air Force, to assess the implemented investigations and remediation concepts as well as to propose own investigation and remediation concepts.
In the scope of this task a database and geoinformation system has been developed that is continuously maintained and applied. The close collaboration with the environmental department of the US Air Force (AFCEE Air Force Center of Engineering and Environment) and the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the innovative techniques used proved to be very successful.

Implemented Measures

  • Coordination of different exploration, remediation and decommissioning measures
  • Historical investigations
  • Design of remediation concepts
  • Client consultation in regard to all geological engineering, hydrogeological and technical issues
  • Project support during all construction and remediation measures