Remediation of a leachate tank – landfill Dreieich-Buchschlag

At the landfill Dreieich-Buchschlag is an underground storage tank and thuss not easily accessible for maintenance, which was used for the collection of leachate. This tank is currently leaking and needs replacement. The tank was dedicated to the precipitation of iron and manganese oxide generated through reaction of the leachate with the ambient air. An interior renovation is not recommended due to the deterioration status of the tank. P + R has been commissioned by the Environmental Department of the City Frankfurt with planning services according to HOAI 2013 for the replacement of the tank through an above-ground tank. A 50 m³ HDPE tank was selected in agreement with the client after examination of various suitable locations and integration opportunities in the existing pipeline system. The new tank will be accessible for maintenance work from the top through an existing berm and an additional railing. The mud, which is expected to deposit into the 3 chambers tank can be easily pumped out via a trap. Additional planning steps (eg. for the connection of condensate lines, control pumps) are also included in the proposed services.