P+R celebrates its 30 years anniversary

Kaiserslautern, January 2015

The engineering company celebrated on January 19 with all employees its 30th anniversary in the Restaurant Brauhaus, Kaiserslautern, according to the slogan: We do not only work together, we also celebrate together.

After short speeches there was a social gathering in the tower hall. Also, the cartoonist David Mueller contributed to the successful annual celebration in which he created a portrait of all employees this evening. His quick drawings made for an occasional laugh.

An official anniversary celebration with longtime business partner as well as representatives from politics, business and the region will take place in May 2015, the Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern.

The preparations for the event are running on full speed. Apposite to the anniversary, Horst Peschla recently celebrated his 60th birthday. Subsequently a present handed to him from the employees.